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    Self-catering is available for guests who would like to provide their own food aboard Freda B.

    Self-catering requires a menu to be submitted to management at least 15-days prior to sail for approval. Please take a look at our menus before selecting this option. Our menus are constructed to be served while sailing and our staff is experienced at delivering a beautiful experience.  Additionally, our catering is top quality and pairs well with our beverage selections.

    Please note, when self-catering all food must be prepared ahead of the sail and arrive ready to serve. Flatware, paper goods, plates and serving utensils will be provided by charterer.  The ship’s galley is not available for use by the public.

    Outside Catering: If you have a caterer that you love, you may choose to have them aboard for your event. The $350 self-catering fee will still apply and the caterer and their staff will count towards your final guest count of 49 passengers. We would recommend that your caterer join us aboard the boat for one of our public sails to ensure that the legs on your chef are in fact “sea-legs”.

    No chafing dishes, open flame or shellfish is allowed on board

    Self-catering is available for food menus only. Absolutely no outside beverages are allowed.

    Fee: $350

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